Single Deck Blackjack

Blackjack is certainly one of the most favourited casino games of all time. With its relatively easy rules and often small house advantage it is easy to see why the game has acquired such a fan following.

Largely due to its popularity but also as a result of its rather transitional gameplay capabilities and rules, this particular card game has led to the creation of quite a few variations. One of the more intuitive to understand and very similar of these variations in the traditional game is that of Single Deck Blackjack.

As the title of the game suggests, this alternative is played with just the one deck of cards, over the usual 4 to 8 decks shuffled together in a shoe.

This is certainly not one of the more unique or drastically altered variations of the table game classic, but Single Deck Blackjack has certainly accrued its supporters over the years.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to this card game alternative and players familiar to the original version played with more decks on the roster will likely have already determined these effects, given that the main difference between this game variant and that of traditional online blackjack Canada is that it has just the one deck.

Rules and Differences of Single Deck Blackjack

Given the fact that this form of the famous card game is played with just the one deck of cards there is the notable change in the setup of the game regarding the odds. What players will in fact find however is that the single deck reduces the house edge to a rather ridiculously small amount, with the less chance of the dealer coming out on top with just the single 52 cards in play.

The advantage is only truly felt however if players are aware of the strategies to undertake and are then able to carry them out effectively, in order to play the odds best. That being said, many games of Single Deck Blackjack include slightly different odds, to practically compensate for the reduced house advantage, the result here is that players should be vigilant on the rules provided per game.

Otherwise this Single Deck Blackjack variation is played out practically the same as the traditional game, or whichever variant the single deck scenario is applied to. This means that players play against a dealer who has one hole card versus the player’s two upturned cards at the fore.

The options of hit, stand, double up and split apply, unless specifically discounted from the variation itself. The winner, surprise, surprise, is the one closest to 21 without going over.

Online Single Deck Blackjack and Playing Responsibly

Ultimately there are a whole range of various blackjack alternatives and even alternatives to alternatives like Single Deck Blackjack to find online. The games include all sorts of different possible rule or betting option applicable whilst still adhering to a few of the traditional game’s core principles.

On the topic of caution however, players should read up on the rules and regulations of all the games they play, to note any factors that may be otherwise misleading and ultimately use this to discover the best online casino gems.