100 Pandas

100 Pandas Is a Game with an Asian Flavour

100 Pandas slot game is an online game developed by International Gaming Technology, or IGT, with five reels and one hundred pay lines. This basically means that as long as you have matching symbols on adjacent reels you are probably on to a winner. The game is based on the life of the Chinese Pandas in their natural habitat. 100 Pandas is available for online play, as well as play on any mobile devices. You can also download an app that will give you access to any IGT game. The setting of the game is the forests of China where the wild pandas live, green and lush, with plenty of the favourite food of the wild Panda, bamboo. (more…)

Online Casino Games

Real Money Online Casino Games for Canada

If Canadian players do a quick search for online casino games, they will find thousands of offshore online casinos which accept players from Canada, but won’t find much in the way of a home based site. This is because the Canadian government has strict legislation in place regarding the legality of online casinos, but as long as the site is operated from outside the country, players need not worry about access. There are no fees or penalties levelled against players who choose to participate in online casino games, and as such has become a popular activity amongst Canadian players. (more…)

New online casino

New Online Casino Sites in Canada

The Internet has grown exponentially over the last twenty years, and this has given rise to entire industries aimed at the average person. One of the industries that has truly boomed online is the online casino industry, and today there are thousands upon thousands of different casinos online that players can choose from. This has created a problem of its own, especially for new players, as it is now more difficult than ever to find a new online casino that offers a great variety of different games as well as full customer services. (more…)

Online casinos Canada

The Top Online Casinos Canada Provides Comparison sites allow players to quickly and easily find the top online casinos Canada makes available, and they offer players a good gaming experience, one that is built on trust. Players can look forward to relaxing and enjoying the games they have selected, like slots or blackjack, without having […]

Online Casino Slots For Real Money

Online Casino Slots for Real Money Guarantees Great Entertainment Many players agree that there is no entertainment that beats playing online casino slots for real money. Playing online casino slots for real money is basically the same as playing at land based casinos, but in the online version you can have several reels on display […]

No Deposit Bonus Casino

The No Deposit Bonus Casino In The Philippines Online casinos want players to get wagering as soon as possible. Nothing gets players wagering faster than a no deposit bonus. Taking the casino up on a no deposit offer means that as soon as you have joined, you will be able to wager in the currency […]

Best Microgaming Casinos

Finding the Best Microgaming Casinos Founded in 1994, Microgaming is a true giant in the casino software industry. The company is still privately owned, and is known for constant innovation and development. A dream team of artists, scientists, graphic designers and engineers at the very top of their respective fields work together to make this […]

Free Bingo Games

 What are Free Bingo Games?

Bingo is one of the most popular social games that you can find. It is played not only in casinos both online and brick and mortar, but also at social gatherings, community events and as a form of entertainment. Many bingo games in informal settings are entered and played for free, with a prize that has either been donated or bought just for fun. Other bingo games such as those organised for charity will come with a small entry fee. However, these days you do not even need to leave your house to play bingo.  (more…)

No Deposit Bonus

Players Lessen Risk with the No Deposit Bonus Online players adore a good no deposit bonus, because it allows them to make use of the credit provided by the casino they are interested in playing at right away, without having to wait for funds in their new account to clear. While these amounts are not […]